Bryan’s Why: Part 1

Like everybody else, I was a skeptic at first.

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Growing up in South Bend Indiana, I was subject to a certain boyish naivety that I can sit back and chuckle about today. As a kid I used to believe that the everybody on the planet loved Notre Dame football, that the only religion was Catholicism, and that the rest of the world was on the east side of town. It wasn’t until I moved away to Bloomington Indiana for college, and even more so to seeing the world as a United States Army Ranger after college, that I began to reminisce and discover the uniqueness of my hometown. I’ve always kept politics in my back pocket, with a one foot in and a one foot out approach. I could tell you about the President, and my party affiliation, but Governorships and Mayors I knew little about.

That all changed in March of 2019.

For a week straight I would turn on the nightly news and watch in anguish as our President of the United States went into sick a smear campaign defecting on the memory of Vietnam P.O.W. War Hero Senator John McCain. I decided at this time, that as a Veteran myself, that I had a duty to preform. I would set forth to do everything in my power to find and support a candidate that embodies the direct opposite of the current Presidency and administration. I would use my God given talents to campaign and promote a person who I felt had the vision, goals, and integrity that our country has been desperately missing for the past two years.

Fortunately, I found my guy in Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Like everybody else, I was a skeptic at first. But the more I researched Mayor Pete, the more I discovered that we share the same values, have a common bond as Veterans, and politically lean the same way. It didn’t take long before Mayor Pete had 100% of my loyalty and support. The excitement of the Mayor Pete campaign is contagious. I’ve never felt this way about a Presidential candidate my entire life. I’m reminded of how my Mom used to speak about following the Bobby Kennedy campaign in the late 1960’s. Watching Mayor Pete’s intent to run speech was epic. It’s already been compared to the likes of the JFK Inaugural Speech and the MLK “I Have a Dream Speech”. Few people know but Mayor Pete wrote the entire speech the morning of. His talent is genius.

Since joining the Pete Buttigieg campaign, I’ve been writing every week on my “Bryan With a ‘Why?‘” Facebook blog about the benefits that this dynamic individual brings to America. I also sit on the fact finding committee of a very large Mayor Pete Facebook sight called “Pete Buttigieg for President 2020”, and do my best to collect as much information as possible to refute the negative publicity and Fake News that the conservative right is now publishing on a daily basis. It tells me that Mayor Pete has captured their attention, and we’re one step closer to the White House.

About Bryan

Bryan is a married, 48-year-old father of 5 kids and two dogs, Mister and Cubbie. He’s an Army Veteran, a carpenter, and a writer. He’s a registered Democrat, residing in Toledo, OH, and returns to his hometown of South Bend, IN every month to care for his grandparents.

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6 thoughts on “Bryan’s Why: Part 1”

  1. It might be instructive to all Pete supporters for Pete to discuss the police chief firing that seems to be drawing some divisive comments.

    1. I feel he did a good job addressing it at the CNN Town Hall tonight, but I am working with some South Bend locals, so perhaps one of them would want to contribute a post. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Right on Bryan!!!! I’m from NYC, 70 years old, happily married hetero, no children. I love Mayor Pete. Here is my essay that I posted on his site about how inspired I feel about him:


    By Billie Mudry Spaight

    Every time there is a presidential election, there is always talk about how we need an outsider who does not belong in the Beltway. Some people thought if we brought a businessperson in, we might be able to clean house there. That grand experiment failed—utterly. It failed because Donald J. Trump does not really connect with most Americans. He does not truly understand what our lives are like and how political decisions impact us.

    Now, there is a penultimate outsider who might actually have his finger on the true pulse of America, a person who understands exactly what it’s like to be marginalized and left behind—Pete Buttigieg. The openly gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who felt like so much of an outsider that he was not even able to recognize his sexual orientation was until he was well into adulthood and into his career.

    I know about that because it was like that with me. I was in denial about being marginalized because of my disabilities. I only realized it well into my late 40s when I was ruthlessly bullied on a job—literally forced out of it because of it. Only then was I able to look at myself and realize that certain ways that I was treated had to do with being disabled.

    Mayor Pete, as he calls himself, understands how it is to be really on the outside looking in, even when you are apparently on the inside. And it is his experience with that very homosexuality that gives him the compassion—for the poor, the stranger, the outsider—that is so sorely needed in Washington, D.C. He understands how the political is personal, how decisions made by others affect people in their day-to-day lives. Because of one old Supreme Court judge, Mayor Pete finally got the freedom to come out, find his husband, and marry him. Well, because of one old president, I got some legal ballast for going up against people who would mistreat me because of my disability. And when, someday, we get single-payor healthcare, maybe I will be free of the medical bills that me and my husband keep on paying. Mayor Pete gets this. He said:

    “You’re not free if you have crushing medical debt. You’re not free if you’re being treated differently because of who you are. What has really affected my personal freedom more: the fact that I don’t have the freedom to pollute a certain river, or the fact that for part of my adult life, I didn’t have the freedom to marry somebody I was in love with? We’re talking about deep, personal freedom.”

    OMG! I feel like I’m listening to Bob Dylan sing my thoughts again except they are coming out as political statements from Mayor Pete.

    As Dylan put it in one of his many beautiful songs, we heard, once again, the “tolling for every hung up person in the whole wide universe/And we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.”

    It all connects in one vivid bright line from the 60s to now.

    Dylan also sang:
    “They ask me how I feel
    And if my love is real.
    And how I know I’ll make it through.
    They look at me and frown
    They’d like to drag me from this town,
    If I don’t be like they’d like me to.”

    Yes, that’s how it really is, because a whole lot of people feel that way for one reason or another. It could be a single-mother or a dad with three jobs. It could be a homeless veteran. It could be a prostitute or a beggar. It could be a middle-class executive who feels strangled in corporate America. It could be a Californian whose home went up in flames or a Floridian whose business was flooded out. It could be a Texan who has immigrants living with him. Or a New Yorker living out in Queens at age 70 who is too liberal for most of her neighbors. Maybe it’s a disabled or mentally ill person. Or another gay person who has had to live in the closet for far too long. I could go on, but you get the picture. It’s the very people whom Jesus Christ would have healed or fed without means testing.

    And that’s what Mayor Pete knows. He knows about the fake Christians who are all hung up on people’s sexuality instead of the lives of suffering that they are living for so many different reasons. He knows what is hypocritical and what is real. He knows WWJD.

    And because of his EXTREMELY high intelligence—I should say genius—which is probably something like DOUBLE the normal I.Q., he has an unusual grasp of nuances, of data, of theory, and of pragmatic ways to make things work out. He is a polymath. Ask him a question and he will answer it. He won’t fob it off. He eats learning like we eat pizza or pierogis. He digests it and then he applies what he learns with the hope of making things better.

    Like me he was saddled with an odd name. Yea, I had that too…LOL. A boy’s name for a gal. And a last name that sounded like MUD until, mercifully, I got married and was able to change it for a much prettier name.

    I hated being a voice in the darkness without even an echo of my dreams to convince myself that I was real. I hated being bullied and laughed at. I have PTSD till this day about that. So when someone speaks my thought-dreams and doesn’t put my head in what Dylan called a “guill-u-o-tine,” I respond with a certain amount of joy.

    Do you wonder why, if he doesn’t mess up, Pete Buttigieg gets my vote? It’s the same reason I went to so many Bob Dylan concerts when I was younger…because I see the chimes of freedom flashing.

      1. Sure–I’d love to see it go viral. Please do say it’s Billie though. LOL. Thank you for your lovely comment <3

  3. I agree with what you said after listening to his interviews reading his book and researching everything about him. I think he will put some dignity back into the office again.
    I’m 100% behind him and will do everything I can to help with his campaign. It’s so refreshing to find a person like Pete-Buttigieg!!!

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