20 Questions for Mayor Pete from Twitter’s #TeamPete

What questions would Pete Buttigieg supporters ask him if they had the chance? I took to Twitter to find out.

Pete Buttigieg seems to say yes to every media opportunity, and as someone in marketing/PR, I love the strategy. He’s getting his message out there and it is resonating with people. He also takes questions almost every time he speaks at an event, but there are so many people who only know him from afar, and they have questions too! Enter #TeamPete, a group of individuals from all over the country (and the world), who have connected on Twitter under that and other hashtags in support of Mayor Pete. (not to be confused with official members of the campaign who also use #TeamPete)

Sometimes, we wonder about serious things, like his thoughts on education reform, and other times, you can find us musing about who made his laminated list of celebrity crushes.

For example, a buddy of mine from Twitter posed this question the other day:

Which sparked me to ask what people thought his Enneagram type was (general consensus: 5). Then, I started to wonder what #TeamPete would ask him if we had the opportunity to ask him questions. Naturally, I tweeted my thoughts:

The responses were an eclectic mix of hard hitting and lighthearted questions, and some of them, I had to google to know what they are (I’m looking at you, Ghurka). I’ve included the top 20 questions below, but there are a few more on Twitter if you’d like to check them out!

Though we aren’t official media by any means, I would love if somehow Pete Buttigieg could answer these questions.

  • We talk a lot about prison reform & ending privately owned prisons. What would you do to improve accountability in county jails & can funding be directed back to them so private companies stop the revolving door system they’re profiting so we’ll off? No1 should profit from jails @snowflake4pete
  • I’d love to know what topics/chapters didn’t make the final cut for your book! @MelanieMN9
  • What would you do about research funding? And lifting current restrictions on research? Especially to major research universities? @ClintonDC
  • What’s your dream vacation? @RDU4Pete
  • Would you be willing to secure federal funding to help county/city LGBT organizations provide outreach programs for mental health in geographies that often encounter homophobia or a lack of resources? @cosimads
  • How do you remain calm & steady in an environment of chaos? @SeattlePeteVol
  • In South Bend, you have Mayor’s night out. I would love to know if you can envision a way, as President, to get to hear directly from people about the things impacting their lives. @gpmominoh
  • What is your specific plan for public education (besides getting a new secretary of education who believes in public education)? @czeigen4
  • How many white shirts and blue ties do you have? @mo_necar
  • How do you judge a good advisor? @Seattle4Pete
  • Name one place you have always wanted to visit and why? @SharonlD1260
  • What plan would you have for assisting millennial single parents for going back to school and furthering their education? @DenaeEdgeEdge
  • Which five albums would you want if you were stranded on a desert island? @70sPete
  • What would your process look like for selecting advisors, Cabinet members, and other appointees? What characteristics would you prioritize when building your team? @nerdypursuit 
  • Thurifer or no thurifer? @Lutheran4Pete
  • What are you going to do to protect our public lands and national parks? @wendyjgmom
  • What’s the best advice your parents ever gave you and how did it make a difference in your life? @SeelyeTracy
  • Did you smoke Ghurkas in Afgahanistan because you liked them, or was that the only choice available? @IdahoforPete
  • What are your thoughts on Brexit? @nicolesnider73
  • Are the nesting peregrine falcons still in their box above your office in SB? @1kartmania

There you have it! Questions from the grassroots team for their chosen candidate. If he’s answered these questions somewhere, let us know!

What would YOU ask Mayor Pete given the chance? Please say it’s better than what I asked him.