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emails from presidential primary candidates

If you’re not a Pete Buttigieg fan, I understand your hesitation to this post. After all, I run a website called Why Mayor Pete, a Facebook page of the same name and my Twitter name is “Mayor Pete Fangirl”. Clearly I’m #TeamPete. But stay with me, even if he’s not your candidate, because the website I’m sending you to is not, in fact, or any other Boot Edge Edge enthusiast site.

The website I think you should follow is one heck of an undertaking by someone I only know through their Twitter handle, but whom I have come to respect and admire as a fellow writer, content marketer and analytics nerd. This website gives you charts and graphs, plus commentary from every campaign email for every 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee.

The site is aptly titled “But Their Emails” where the author has subscribed to each and every email list from each and every candidate, then provides a daily blog post brimming with side-by-side information about the campaign’s email marketing tactics.

I’ve been surprised by some of the conclusions I’ve drawn from this comparison, and how it affects my top choices. I will of course vote blue no matter who, but seeing the frequency and tone of the emails from the candidates has influenced who I support and who has been moved lower on my list.

I encourage you to check it out and draw your own conclusions.

Author: MJ

I'm a spiritual, progressive, southern, xennial mom who voted Republican or 3rd party in nearly every presidential election until 2016, and I believe Mayor Pete is this country's best hope at restoring a *united* states of America.

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